(an image viewer for digital camera users, by Jason Pepas)

About -
Why write yet another image viewer for Linux? In short, the others are packed with too many features which get in the way.

Phiew is not designed to be a general purpose image viewer. It is designed to be a simple tool for digital camera users.

Motivation -
When using a digital camera, one often needs to accomplish the following tasks:
Phiew aims to be the simplest possible tool to accomplish the above tasks. It does not aim to be a general purpose image viewer.

Download -
Download the latest CVS snapshot of the source code here.

Development -
Phiew uses the SDL. This means that though I am developing it on Linux, it should compile on many platforms (though I have not yet gotten cross-compilation working under linux yet).

The Phiew source code is released under the GPL.

Phiew is nearly feature complete (haven't implemented delete yet), and should be considered beta software.

Requirements -
To compile Phiew, you will need the SDL, SDL_Image, and SDL_gfx development and runtime libraries installed. Debian users apt-get install libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-gfx1.2-dev.

You will also need the jpegtran binary installed. Debian users apt-get install libjpeg-progs.